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"What's New in Titanium Studio 1.0.7" Q&Aメモ

以下無編集でお送りします...といいつつ、かなりうつらうつらしながらだったので、最後のあたりのが取れてないかも?Audience Question Q: How many people are in? A: looks like currently ~200Audience Question Q: PS. We're native iOS developers (cir…

"Titanium 1.8 For Module Developers" Q&Aメモ

以下無編集でお送りします。 Audience Question Q: hi? A: We'll be starting in 40 minutesAudience Question Q: How long until it's starting? I'm in CET timezone and can't figure out what PST is in CET :) A: we'll be starting in 40 minutesAudie…