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Appcelerator Titanium Mobileに関するニュースなどを淡々とお伝えしていきます。

Titanium Mobile SDK 2.1.4 RCがリリースされました。

日本時間の今朝方にTitanium Mobile SDK 2.1.4のリリース候補版が公開されましたので速報をまとめておきます。


公式blogによると、Xcode 4.5.2, iOS 6.0.1, 第四世代iPadiPad Miniに対応しているようです。

リリースノートによるとバグフィックスもいくつかあります。 http://docs.appcelerator.com/titanium/release-notes/?version=2.1.4.RC

Fixed iOS Issues

  • TIMOB-10330 iOS: ScrollView: 'layout' is 'horizontal', content height is not calculated correctly.
  • TIMOB-10865 iOS: builder.py adhoc build does not copy resources into project. This fixes a regression in Release 2.1.3.
  • TIMOB-11198 iOS: KitchenSink WebViews - An image disappears after reloading a page. This fixes a regression introduced by another web view fix in Release 2.1.3. The regression only occurred on iOS 6 devices.
  • TIMOB-11250 iOS: blur() method fails to blur keyboard on textfields with custom toolbar. This fixes a regression in Release 2.1.3.
  • TIMOB-11275 iOS: Click event is fired even when click is outside the icon of an item in the Titanium.UI.DashboardView.
  • TIMOB-11285 iOS: TextField.blur is having a strange race condition when blurring a textfield and then opening a window. This fix ensures that the keyboard is always dismissed when opening a new window.
  • TIMOB-11306 iOS: Subversion directories and files present in .IPA. Fixes a regression where extraneous files were included in the .ipa file.
  • TIMOB-11561 iOS: KeyboardToolbar of textField not being displayed on textField.focus(). This fixes a regression in Release 2.1.3. It occured only in the unlikely event of calling focus from the blur event handler.

Fixed Android Issues

  • TIMOB-9994 Android: postlayout event not fired for labels.
  • TIMOB-11358 Android: Many calls to getFile causes local reference table overflow.
  • TIMOB-11508 Android: Adding WebView to ScrollView causes ScrollView to be initialized scrolled-down.
  • TIMOB-11543 Android: Checkbox-style switch missing label.


ちなみにWindows 8 DesktopでのTitanium Studioの動作はまだテスト中ということですので、もう暫く待つ必要はありそう。