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Appcelerator Titanium Mobileに関するニュースなどを淡々とお伝えしていきます。

Titanium Mobile 1.8.2がリリースされました。

本日Titanium Mobile 1.8.2とTitanium Studio 1.0.9が正式にリリースされました。




  • Android: When the Master/Detail Application template app is used, JNI: DeleteGlobalRef(0xdebcce57) failed to find entry warnings are repeatedly logged to the console. This occurs in across all Android versions, with the exception of Android 4.0.2. The functionality of the application does not appear to be affected. TIMOB-7831
  • Android (V8 only): setInterval timer becomes very slow and jumpy. TIMOB-7813
  • Android (V8 only): 4.0 ICS - TableView -- Scrolling through tableview and clicking on the rows eventually crashes the application. This issue has only been reproduced on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0.2. TIMOB-7774